Makaila Nichols, Found of the Blatantly Honest Foundation Makaila Nichols, Founder of the Blatantly Honest Foundation

My name is Makaila Nichols and I have been bullied since I was a child. Bullying not only hurts when it is happening, but its impacts resonate over time and its effects begin to steal your light. After years of living in a dark place, I found comfort and freedom in writing... but I know that not every victim of bullying has found their own creative outlet.

This got me thinking, what can I do to help our youth turn their perception and self-value around?

A mission to the moon!

The moon, just like ending bullying, seems so far away, but Im here to show kids and teens everywhere that the sky really ISN'T the limit and once youre on the moon, no one can look down on you.

The Blatantly Honest Foundation has teamed with a launch provider for the 2021 Luna 02 moon mission, including securing a capsule that will be aboard a commercial rocket. We will place your picture(s) on a micro-SD card that will go inside Astrobotics Peregrine Lander and it will find its home on the moon! How cool is that?!

Below is a brief video where you can learn more.

Select a package. Upload your photo(s). Checkout. Blast Off!

$5.00 Blast-Off Package

Your donation of $5.00 will secure one photo that will be sent to the moon.

$10.00 Mankind or Grandparent Package

Your donation of $10.00 will secure three photos that will be sent to the moon.

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